Safety Practices

Safety Practices

In virtue of fraudsters taking flight after service, escorts are now advised to demand payment before service. For immunity, Ladies should upload pictures with their faces cropped out. We try to make sure all profiles on this website are real, but then we encourage clients to confirm Escorts via video call before sending payment.

– Safety Practices for Clients

  • Confirm the authenticity of an escort via video call before making payment.
  • Whoever is paying for the transport fare of an escort should be a private matter of both adults. We cannot enforce anyone to do anything outside the terms of service of this website.
  • Do NOT send money to any escort without meeting them in person. Make sure you see the escort before proceeding with payments. Please DO NOT forget that it is payment before service.
  • Make sure to use condom when having sexual intercourse with any escort. SAFETY FIRST.

– Safety Practices for Escorts.

  • Always be vigilant. Collect money before service. When a client decides to make a transfer, make sure the money reflects in your account before you leave. Screenshot Proofs & Debit Alerts are not enough. There are FAKE screenshots and debit alerts.
  • When you’re with a client, make sure your phone is always with you. Even if you need to use the bathroom / restroom, carry your phone & bag along. Leave the bathroom door open, take a quick shower  and be at alert. When you get home you can take a proper bath.
  • Make sure you tell a trusted friend where you are going and give your friend the number and picture of the client you are going to meet incase anything goes wrong. This is why you should ask the client to send their pictures before you leave home.
  • Make sure to use condom when having sexual intercourse with any client. SAFETY FIRST.
  • Do NOT send nudes to a client. Also do not make video call of you naked with any client. This is for your own good and to prevent future blackmail.
  • Make sure you check the name of the hotel online before leaving the house. If the location is suspicious, ask the client to book in another hotel.

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