Frequently Asked Questions

You got Questions? Oh sure we got answers too. Here you will get instant answers to the most frequently asked questions and learn how to use Wikionnect like a pro.

– About Wikionnect?

Wikionnect is an Escort Directory. It is a platform for Men & Women who needs Partners, Models, Bed Mates, Escorts, Companion or Nuru Masseuse. Men and Women looking for fuck buddies or Friends with benefits also visit this site. Here you can meet escorts for birthday parties, night clubs, dinner dates, etc.

– How does this site work?

If you’re a girl or guy looking to raise money, you’re at the right place. Register an Account as an INDEPENDENT ESCORT, make your profile presentable, upload your pictures and you’re good to go. Clients select any escort of their choice, negotiate prices with them and fix a date. Once agreement has been made, the job gets done.

– How can I register?

To join our site is very easy, If you want to register, just click on REGISTER then to be an Escort, Just REGISTER as an Independent Escort, upload your pictures, specify your charges and make your profile presentable. If you don’t want your picture on the site just register as a Client. That way nobody will see your profile. There’ll be no URL associated with your account so nobody can be able to find it. Only you will know you have an account with us. Your account will be 100% anonymous.

– Must I Upload Pictures with my face?

No. For immunity, Escorts are advised to upload pictures without their face. Just crop out your face or cover it with an emoji then upload. NOTE that you can only upload 15 pictures.

– What if I want to be anonymous?

If you want to remain anonymous and still enjoy the benefits of this website then register as a Member. When you register as a member, nobody can see your profile except you. Your profile will not even be searchable. As a member, you can see more details about an escort, you can upgrade as a VIP and you can contact escorts. Clients seeking to remain anonymous are advised to register as Normal Members. Upon upgrade to VIP, you get access to the contact details of all the Escorts on this Site.

– How can I verify my account?

Getting a VERIFIED BADGE is FREE! To verify your account, log into the account you want to verify, CLICK HERE and upload a picture of yourself holding a paper with the name of this website and your username boldly written. Your face and the write up must be clearly visible. Any picture you upload for verification will be private and can only been seen by our support team. We will delete the photo immediately after verifying your account. Please NOTE that uploading digitally created, fake or forged pictures will get your account permanently suspended.

– How can I be on the Front Page / Slider?

To get more clients and enjoy the full benefits of the website as an Escort, you need to become a PROMOTED Escort. Premium Members are also displayed at the Top Slider of the site. Just click on My Profile and you will see the steps to get featured, select Become promoted and proceed with payment. The price is just a token. Nothing Heavy!

– How can delete my account?

Currently there is no way for you to delete your account by yourself. If you want us to delete your account, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] stating why you want us to delete your account.

– I can’t message the Escorts ?

As a guest you have to register before you can contact the escorts on this site. If you already have an account, please login to your profile. We do this to avoid unserious clients and SPAMMERS. All you need to do is register an account and you’d have access to contact all the escorts on this website.

– How can I benefit from this site?

There are many ways to benefit from this site. Celebrities love to always be on the front page of the newspaper, same applies here. Most of the clients that visit this page only select from the front page. No one will want to scroll down to the bottom just to pick an escort. This is why we encourage escorts to upgrade their accounts frequently so they can remain in the front page. You can either upgrade your account to premium or become a featured escort. Premium Escorts are the first set of escorts shown on the front page while the featured escorts are displayed on the header slider of this site. Just visit your profile and make a choice.

– I did not receive any validation mail.

Upon account creation, validation emails are sent immediately, however it may take up to 3 minutes to arrive in your inbox, in usual circumstances it may take 24hrs. Just wait a little and check your mail box, if you still did not see any validation mail, check your SPAM FOLDER. There are possibilities that the mail bounced into your Spam Folder. If you still did not see any validation mail, create a new account and check that you used the correct email. There’s nothing to worry about having two accounts, by default our server deletes any account not validated after 3 days so the first account that did not get validated will be deleted after 3 days. Please note that if you still did not validate your new account, it will get deleted.

– I want to join this site as an escort but I am scared that someone might recognize me.

We understand that it can be frustrating when someone in real life recognizes you, this is why we encourage escorts to keep their profile as discreet as possible. For immunity, we encourage all escorts to upload pictures without their faces, also not to use their original phone number.

My Account was hacked

If you think you’ve been hacked and you’re unable to log in with your username and password, please take the following two steps:

  • Reset your password by CLICKING HERE. Try entering both your username and email address, and click on reset password. An email will be sent to you to change your password.
  • If you still can’t log in, CLICK HERE to contact us. Please let us know that your account was hacked. Use the email address associated with the hacked account; we’ll then send additional information and instructions to that email address.

– My Account was locked / suspended.

We suspend accounts that violates our Terms of Service. If you believe we made a mistake by suspending your account, you can APPEAL our decision. CLICK HERE.

– How can I delete pictures?

It’s easy. Just click on the red X icon close to the picture and it will vanish.

– How can I set main image?

It’s easy. Just click on the GREEN check icon close to any picture you want to use as main image.

– Any Age Restrictions?

Sure. To use our website of to enjoy most of our services you must be at least 18 years of age or you must be of the legal age for sexual intercourse in your country.

– What is Incall and Outcall?

INCALL: Client will come and meet you. OUTCALL: You go and meet client.

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